Dear Tumblr Journal

Today, in class, by some demonic possession, in a heart beat , I have decided to open Tumblr Dashboard aka the most dangerous place to go to in class.

Immediately when the Tumblr dashboard finished loading, I was bombarded with soooooo many gay porn and fanart porn right of the bat. I scrolled down as quick as my finger could, but there are even more of them down there, I ended up close the window and try again later, which is now to express my feelings for you…

Good Job, Tumblr, GG.

On the way to school - Char: Eren - Modern Au

More Doodles cuz Homework sucks

again, sr for bad quality art cuz doodles in 15 mins w/ extra boredom.

"It’s time to let go…"

Finally done with the Farlan and Isabel part…

Holy fuck it’s depressing…

The pose is kinda awkward so yeahh… sorry

"They all deserve a proper funeral, right?"

Doing homework but can’t focus fo’ shit so this happen

I have drawn to the conclusion that I just cannot bring myself to draw a Smiling Levi or Happy Levi or just normal Levi, It’s always sad Levi, I drew him crying and sad, now it’s grieving for Farlan and Isabel. I hate myself.

Sorry because it’s super messy and weird looking. I hope i can complete this one, i have wayyyy too many unfinished doodles.


LOL cuz i can


Audio: cryaotic

Mixing + Editing/ Artwork: tavikat

2010 -10 sec.

2011 - 1 min. 55 sec.

2012- 3 min. 15 sec.

2013- 4 min. 50 sec. 

2014 - 7 min. 05 sec. 

Puberty Done Good…


So last night while I was sleeping over at xkillerbunnyx we both fell asleep to Cry’s voice (Limbo let’s play) and nostalgia hit me hard. I’ve been following Cry since before Amnesia..damn I’m getting old, his fifth anniversary was in 2011…right?? dude…I don’t even know anymore- home boy’s voice has gotten deeper over the years. Yeah I know he’s sick  I feel his pain right now in the last bit but still, it’s a lot to take in. The earliest clips I was able to find was Amnesia - but I remember when streams had the phone calling taken away and technically he introduced me to silent hill…

It’s been a long while coming…


And to think I still can fall alseep to him yelling profanities after so long says a lot too xD

Any who - here’s Cry Plays Through the years, Enjoy :3


O Captain! My Captain!

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  • Cry: Dude, Well I think it's hot
  • Pewds: I mean it is hot. It's totally-
  • Cry: *interrupts* It's hot
  • Pewds: - fireworks and..
  • Cry: ...Are you recording this?
  • Pewds: I am
  • Cry: BONER - ER'Y DAY
  • Pewds: *slight laugh*
  • Cry: Constant Boner
  • Pewds: Bro Bone-
  • Cry: Pewdie-Boner
  • Pewds: -r, Everyday
  • Cry: Bonerpie
  • *both of them laugh*
  • Pewds: That's my new favorite
  • Cry: That's a good one
  • Me: I kinda want to put "Bonerpie - Boner Er'y Day" on a shirt now



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