The Box Scene: It Changes Everything


Now that we’ve reached the end of the season and eagerly await the next step in Kurt and Blaine’s journey, The Box Scene presents an interesting, riveting, and moving perspective not only of the relationship of two boys in love, but also of a show and the viewers it serves. 

It changes everything.

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Why do you have to cut things like this :(

Why Fox? Why?

It’s the Key of everything Kurt and Blaine do afterwards. It’s the key that makes the show complete. That what makes the relationship between them are more than just physical and words :) They are much more than that. They are a pair that will never be apart. They are more than what we just see. I admit sometimes I forgot the true meaning of love on a TV film, I think it’s always the character doing that show it. But they don’t, they but it in the words that means a thousand times better than any intimacy scene. They belong to each other not only body, but their souls as well.

So, We can see RIB and the Writer Group did care about Klaine, they makes this and only this Couple special than any other couple in the whole show :) 

I love you RIB :) I love you :)